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The Foundation of the Financial Markets:

  1. What Is the Financial Market?
  2. Who Are the Main Participants?
  3. How Does the Financial Market Operate?
  4. What Instruments are Found in the Financial Markets?

How to Trade the Financial Markets?

  1. Explanation Bullish vs Bearish Market.
  2. Margin & Leverage.
  3. Spot vs Leverage Market.
  4. Benefits & Risks of Margin Accounts.

Technical Analysis:

Part 1

  1. Understanding the Graphs.
  2. Concept of Price Action.
  3. Types of Orders.

Part 2

  1. Common Patterns (I/Head & Shoulders – Double Tops/Bottoms – Channels – Trendlines).
  2. Indicators (MACD – RSI – Moving Averages).

Part 3

  1. Top-Down Approach.
  2. Stop Loss.
  3. Target Profit.
  4. Building a Strategy.

Risk Management:

  1. Winning Ratio
  2. Size Position
  3. Risk Reward Ratio.

What Our Members Have to Say:

“Wow, what a killer course, I was blown away. Reading the educational content on Trade the Day was incredible, but getting a personal mentor helped me reach the next level of my trading journey.” ― Alex Livermore
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